Thursday, March 12, 2009


This morning it was 6 degrees, clear and bright. While driving to work I saw these beautiful weeds covered with hoarfrost. First I kept on driving, I decided to go back and make a photograph. Backlit wonderful crystals. Eight hours later and 25 degrees warmer here is the same weed. What a difference, still beautiful but completely different.


KZ said...

Wow, you really have an eye for beauty. Both images are very nice and very different. I would have never thought to stop and take a picture of a weed, I bet you had a lot of drivers wondering what you were doing.

cac said...

very nice, interesting combo easter pics and weed pics

susie said...

People were wondering what in the world I was photographing. I was using my telephoto lens as well so I was not very close to my subject.

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