Saturday, February 05, 2011


I had a wonderful show of my paintings earlier this winter. Tom Mangelsen let me hang my paintings in the loft of his Jackson, Wyoming gallery. I am his assistant and get to travel the world with him. This most recent show consisted of paintings from the past years' travel as well as a few older paintings. It was great to see how the images worked together once they were on the walls. I had only seen them laying around the house. The lines of color ran from one to the other so even though there would be a painting of a jaguar hanging next to a zebra the colors tied them all together. We had a full house the night of the opening reception. Tom was showing some new photographs as well. I did sell quite a few paintings too. That is always nice. Now I am working on ways to market them further. I have a shop on - susiepainter. Here is the link Check out all the animals and the color. WE have so much snow in Wyoming it is nice to have all the color. I have been rehanging images in my house - get them on the walls. This particular painting is from a photo I took of one of 399's (the most famous grizzly in Grand Teton Park) cub. I put it on my wall last night. The eyes of the bear follow you around the room.