Saturday, April 04, 2009

Will spring ever arrive?

The past two weeks we have had several feet of new snow fall. We are starting think around here that spring will never arrive. It is spring break for all the kids in town so it is very quiet. But the birds are coming back, red-winged blackbirds calling at the side of the pond. There was a great blue heron the other day. The pair of geese that always nest are here, they are wondering why their island is still covered with snow. A pair of mergansers were here and left.....bluebirds have been seen, but not by me. Grizzly bear tracks have been spotted as well. We are hoping our favorite bear, 399, will show up soon with new cubs in tow. As another few inches of snow fall we must remember that spring has always come before and will come again this year....I just wish it would be sooner. The park road is open for biking, but it needs to be warmer, so for today I guess I will stick to my knitting and the crackling fire....

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