Friday, June 04, 2010

Color for Friendship

So far this spring has been rainy and cold. We are tiring of this dismal weather. I have been inspired to do a great deal of painting, one thing about bad weather, it is easier to stay inside and paint. I have always used bright intense color in my work. That helps keep your spirits up when it is dreary outside. I am trying something new, I have made a limited edition print of one of my newest paintings. Two of my dear summer camp friends turned 50 this year. A group of us rendezvoused in Colorado for a weekend celebration. I painted a diptych painting for them. They each got to keep one half of the painting. I put a photo of the entire painting in the back of each half. This painting is kind of the view of the mountains we had from the camp. We had climbed these peaks together as young woman and again as older women. We get together every summer for a 4 day backpack.

This is my tribute to my dear girlfriends and all the fun we have had over the years and the fun we will have in the future. Now we are discussing broadening our hiking trips to overseas...Italy sounds nice and would make for great inspiration for more painting. We have realized that we can't stand to see each other only once a year, we need more goddess rendezvous' over the course of the year.

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