Saturday, June 19, 2010


Tomorrow we leave to go to Brazil and the Pantanal for three weeks. Getting prepared and packed is always so much work. It is a relief to get on the plane. I applied for out Brazilian visa's nearly a month ago. They said it would take 10-15 days. we got our visa's this morning, Saturday delivery with Fedex. Talk about stress! My last full day at home was good. An early morning hike up Snow King mountain with my dear friend Patricia, then lunch with my daughters, running errands, home to begin the packing process. Oh and I had to mow the lawn in there too. Laundry, laying out clothes, putting other clothes away.....finally about 4:00 I felt I had it mostly under control. My eldest got off work and we had a cocktail in the sun in the backyard. WE have had so much rain lately that my free range grasses in the backyard have taken over the lawn chairs. Thai take out, a really bad movie, a bit of knitting and time for bed and our exciting trip.

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